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6 Things Not To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident


Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury and death. Fortunately, if you sustain a severe injury in a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of another party in South Carolina, you have legal recourse. After sustaining a severe injury in a South Carolina slip and fall accident, you can file an injury claim against the negligent party and recover compensation. However, to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve from the negligent party, here are some mistakes you need to avoid making after a slip-and-fall accident in South Carolina.

Failing To Report the Slip and Fall Accident

After slipping and falling, you should report the incident immediately as long as your condition allows you to do so. For example, after slipping and falling in a grocery store, report the incident to the store manager or owner immediately. After reporting your accident, ask for a copy of the incident report.

Saying You Are Sorry

Apologizing even when you haven’t done anything wrong might be perfectly okay in other aspects of life. However, after a slip-and-fall accident, apologizing can be taken as an admission of guilt. So if you apologize after a slip and fall accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company may put some blame on you even if you did not do anything that contributed to your accident. Resist the temptation of apologizing after a slip-and-fall accident.

Failing To Collect Evidence

You need evidence to win a slip-and-fall accident claim and recover the compensation you deserve. After a slip and fall accident, take photos of the accident scene if you can. If your condition cannot allow you to take photographs, ask someone nearby to help. Apart from taking pictures, gather witnesses’ information. Witnesses who saw how your accident happened can help corroborate your story.

Delaying To Seek Medical Attention

Delaying to see a doctor after suffering injuries in a slip and fall accident can lead to, among other things, a lot of pain. It can also adversely affect your compensation claim. If you delay seeking medical treatment, the at-fault party’s insurance company might argue that you did not suffer your injuries in the slip and fall accident case. It may say that you sustained your injuries in a different incident.

Skipping Medical Appointments

Following a slip and fall accident, you not only need to ensure you seek prompt medical attention. You also need to ensure you keep your doctor’s appointments. Failure to keep medical appointments can be used against you. The insurance company might see your failure to keep medical appointments as an indication that you were not as badly injured as you claim. This argument can help the insurance company lower the value of your claim.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Apart from keeping medical appointments, you also need to follow your doctor’s orders. Not obeying your doctor’s orders could make it look like you were not hurt as badly as you claim.

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