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Have You Been Injured In A South Carolina Construction Accident?


Construction is one of the most dangerous industries that a person can work in. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 10 construction workers will be injured on the job every year. While the construction industry continues to grow, fatalities continue to rise, with nearly 1,000 construction workers dying due to job-related accidents each year. If you are a construction worker who has suffered an injury, or if you are someone who has lost a loved one due to a construction accident, you may be struggling to know where to turn or how to find support. It can be especially complicated seeking compensation for a construction site injury, as many construction workers are independent contractors. This means that they do not qualify for workers’ compensation insurance as injured employees would. Regardless of your employment classification, though, you have options. Talking to an experienced Charleston personal injury attorney can help you identify the best avenue to compensation based on your particular case.

Types of Construction Site Injuries

There is essentially an infinite number of ways to be injured on a construction site. However, studies reflect that falls remain the leading cause of death on construction sites. Nearly half of all construction site fatalities are caused by falls from a higher level to a lower level. Even when a worker is not killed by a fall, they can suffer serious injuries and debilitating disabilities. Falls can result in serious trauma to the spine, neck, and skull. This can result in permanent disability or an inability to return to the same type of work. A large number of injuries and fatalities were also caused by accidents in which a worker was struck by something on a construction site, such as a falling piece of equipment, materials that were being transported, debris, or other apparatuses. When debris or equipment falls from a height, it gains momentum as it goes, becoming increasingly dangerous as it leads up to impact. Accidents in which a worker was electrocuted are also common. The jolt of electrocution can cause a worker to fall, which can increase the impact and severity of the injury. Caught-in-between accidents are also a leading cause of construction site accidents and fatalities. These accidents often result in a worker being caught between a vehicle or piece of heavy, moving equipment, and a fixed object, such as a wall. Such accidents can cause devastating crushing injuries, which can result in internal bleeding and serious organ damage. Such injuries are almost always serious and can be challenging to treat or recover from. In large part due to all of these risks, construction workers suffer more traumatic brain injuries than workers in any other industry or profession.

Talk to a Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to a construction site accident, it’s important to talk to an experienced Charleston construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. The Gus Anastopoulo Law Firm is ready to fight for your rights and determine the best possible avenue to compensation. Call Gus Anastopoulo today to schedule your free consultation.



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